How it feels



How it feels is a series of gifs that show what it feels like to live with depression, visible on a website and Instagram page.


when someone you love suffers from depression, your relationship with them can get complicated. often there is a lack of communication and understanding towards each other


With how it feels, I want to allow people to examine these feelings of depression there loved ones are experiencing in a more neutral environment, separate from the context of their relationship


through this, I hope to create a bit more understanding, trough which people can have a bit more empathy for each other


the animations were made in close collaboration with people who are or have lived with depression and are personal translations of their experiences. altogether they show the many ways in which this disease can affect people


“I had all kinds of thoughts and feelings, all the time. They were consuming me. There were times where I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Like the air wasn’t entering my lungs anymore. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t cry.

I couldn’t do anything.”

“Most of the time, I tried to contain my thoughts and feelings. they stays inside and I managed to repress them. But sometimes there were streaks where everything came tumbling out all at once.”

“I was always looking for something to be worried about, even when there was nothing wrong. I tried to stop obsessing so much, but when I couldn’t I felt even worse. Because, how could I do anything if I couldn’t even stop my own mind”

“Of course I was very sad. But I had the most difficulties with the emptiness. There really was no emotion at all.







copyright 2019 Aline Gerards.


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