Zielenzorg is a research project into the possibilities for grief in elderly care houses in the Netherlands.


in most care homes there is a space where the inhabitants can go to remember their loved ones that passed away. These spaces, however, are often quite cold, impersonal and cheap.


In zielenzorg I look into the possibilities of creating a space that facilitates the process of grief, morning and commemoration for the people living in dutch care houses.

a group that not only has to deal with the loss of friends and family, but also with the loss of their independence and freedom


the core of this project revolves around the idea that, when someone dies in a community, there should not only be a physical, but also an emotional and communal space to mourn

and commemorate them.

"Nowhere are the effects of bad design more heartbreaking, or the opportunities for good design more compelling

than at the end of life"


- BJ Miller





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